From the Northeast Shore

Kahuku, Laie, and Hau‘ula (Northeast Shore)

The overview of these directions is:
Hwy 83 (Kamehameha Hwy) to Hwy 930 to Waialua/Mokuleia (Dillingham Airfield)

** Approximate drive time from the Kahuku = 50 minutes (24 miles) **

** Approximate drive time from the Laie = 55 minutes (26 miles) **

** Approximate drive time from the Hau’ula = 65 minutes (29 miles) **


Travel North on Kamehameha Hwy (towards Kahuku & Turtle Bay Resort)

Continue past Turtle Bay resort 14 miles along the Kamehameha Hwy and turn right at the third stoplight.

(FYI, the first stoplight will be at Foodland, the second stoplight is on the close end of Haleiwa, and the third stoplight is at the far end of Haleiwa).

Go right at that third stoplight.

This will take you into a traffic circle.
Go 3/4 of the way around and exit the traffic circle at “Mokuleia”.

Go about a mile and the road will end at a flashing red light. This is the intersection of Hwy 803 and Hwy 930.

Go right at the flashing red light and you will be on Hwy 930.

Continue ahead for about a half mile and the road will split.
VEER LEFT, and then IMMEDIATELY to the RIGHT so that you go under the bridge (look for the bridge, its a great landmark).

Just before you veer right to go under the bridge, there is a road sign for MOKULEIA, and next to it, a small graphic sign with an airplane pointing you off to the right.

You are still on Hwy 930 (Farrington Hwy), continue

By the way, if you miss this intersection, about a mile up the road you will end up at ALOHA gas station on your right. (This is a good place to get a cup of coffee). If you see this, turn around and come back down the road and look for the bridge. It will be on your right.

Once you go under the bridge, the WEST GATE to Dillingham Airfield is exactly 6.2 miles past the bridge.

Dillingham Airfield is a 2-mile-long airstrip, parallel to the highway, with a chain-link perimeter fence-line.
There are 3 entrances to the Airfield.
Entrance #1 is for the SKYDIVE activities.
Entrance #2 is 1.5 miles past the skydive entrance. It has a big yellow reflective sign that says GLIDERPORT.
Entrance #3 is a quarter mile past the Gliderport entrance. It has a yellow reflective sign that says WEST GATE.

Turn in (left) at the WEST GATE .

Go about a quarter mile and you will see a parking lot on your left hand side. It is a medium sized parking lot that holds about 60 cars, but it should be mostly empty. Park there. When you do, you will be right next to two rows of white hangars. If you walk right down the middle of the two rows of white hangars, the Paradise Air hangar is the second one on the right.

It doesnt have a door, so you can walk right in. Youll see photos of ultralights on the walls and a blue carpet and seating area off to the right.

If were not there right when you arrive, make yourself at home well be landing in just a few minutes. Sometimes we may be delayed on the flights prior due to weather, so just know that if were not right there when you get there, we wont be long.

Also, the bathrooms are on the ends of each hangar building (between the parking lot and our hangar). In addition feel free to walk up to the towers lanai (balcony) for a nice view of the runway. ?

For GPS, Google, or Yahoo! Maps, Dillingham Airfields address is 68-760 Farrington Hwy Waialua, HI 96791, or you can input airport code PHDH. Lat/Long is N21 degrees 34.705 ; W158 degrees 12.415.

If you get lost, call us at 808-497-6033 and we’ll guide you in. Please leave a quick message if you get our voicemail. The cell site at the field is sporadic but we always do get our messages and will call you right back.