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Like no one else!

Experience a TOTALLY DIFFERENT kind of flying - POWERED HANG GLIDING! Our flights are not only scenic and  beautiful but also "hands-on"!  Once aloft, we'll show you the basics of trike flying over the North Shore’s beautiful landscape and let you try your hand at it.  Not sure you're ready to take the helm?  Don't worry!  There's no pressure here.  Some folks fly a little, some folks fly a lot, but almost everyone flies more than they think they will because these little birds are easy!  
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Give us a call!

Wanna give it a try?  Awesome!  Call us to make your reservation.  We fly 7 days a week.  Mornings are best.... so good in fact that we  start our flights daily at sunrise (best time!) and are in the air through about 11am each day.  Flying in the mornings provides us Hawaii's best flying conditions.... light winds, smooth air, and pretty lighting.  (US Travelers, here's a hint: plan us early in your trip and it won't be so painful when the alarm clock goes off since you'll still be on "Mainland Time").  

Why Choose Us?

Paradise Air is O'ahu's #1 aerial activity!
Having been in business since 2003, we've taken over 13,000 people on their first trike flights... all with a perfect safety record.  Denise has more hours flying trikes than any other female trike pilot in the world! Tom's extensive skydiving stunt and aerial camera work for Hollywood, not to mention his decades of flying hang gliders, easily makes him one of the world's most experienced "fly-guys" and top rated trike pilot.  With our fleet of two (soon to be three) aircraft, no other trike company in the Pacific has the ability for you and your family, partner or friend to fly at the same time.  As a husband and wife team, we welcome you into our flying ohana.... come see for yourself what sets us apart from the rest!
I have never reviewed an activity that generates a more enthusiastic response...
Andrew Doughty, Oahu Revealed