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Aloha and Mahalo for downloading our Welcome Pack! We are happy you want to learn more about Team Paradise Air!

This welcome pack is designed to especially for YOU…. our customers and prospective customers who want to get to know us a little more and have a better understanding of what your morning will be like with us here at Paradise Air. Getting to our hangar is super easy IF you follow our instructions. When you make your reservation, Denise will send you a set of very clear and detailed instructions for you to drive to us. They are also on our website here.

If it’s easier, you can use any mapping program on your phone (ie Google Maps, Apple Maps, Waze, etc). Just be sure to put in “Paradise Air Hawaii” as your location. If you put in “Paradise Air” or “Dillingham Airfield” or just the address of the airfield, the mapping programs will take you to the wrong gate (where the airfield’s mailbox is)…. and this is 2 miles away from our hangar at the other end of the runway. Be sure to put in “Paradise Air Hawaii” and you’re good to go 🙂

The first thing we want to express to you is this…. your safety and comfort are our top two concerns. (The “fun part” just comes naturally…. trust us on that 🙂

When you arrive, Brienne will be there to greet you. She is, in a nutshell, a most gracious and darling hostess and will take you effortlessly through the Pre-Flight and Post-Flight processes. This includes answering any of your questions or concerns, helping with the waivers, suiting you up with all the required (and super-cool looking) flying gear, and snapping a few pre-flight pics with your cell phone or camera before takeoff.

Afterwards, Brienne will show you the gorgeous photos and video of your flight, give you your keepsake flight certificate, handle the payment and leave you with a great North Shore map, marked up custom for your interests, so after flying, you’ll easily get to your next activity, beach, or restaurant.


Also in the hangar you’ll meet our “Customer Service Ambassador”, Ipo. Ipo, pronounced EE-pō, is Hawaiian slang…. short for “Ku’uipo”, which means “Sweetheart”. She’s short, four-legged, and likes her belly rubbed. Ipo is in charge of receiving all complaints. You can tell her anything and everything….. she’s a great secret-keeper too! She’s a friendly pup who is aging, so please move slowly around her so she doesn’t get surprised. If you are uncomfortable around dogs, just tell us…. we can keep her out of the “Pilot Lounge” area or take her to her little sleeping spot in our next door hangar if need be.

Our three FAA Certified flight instructors are Denise, Tom and Jeni. Now we won’t know which one of these three sky-pirates you will be flying with until that morning, however rest assured that each of these amazing individuals are super experienced masters of the sky…. each having logged over 6,000 hours flying, teaching and sharing our common love of aviating with the masses. You can read more about each of our staff members by clicking here and if you find yourself feeling drawn towards one particular flight instructor, feel free to mention it to us. We love requests and will do our best to honor them for you 🙂

You are most welcome to bring any non-flying friends or family members traveling with you to our location! Our hangar is set up for function as well as comfort, featuring wall-to-wall carpeting and a nice comfy “Pilot Lounge” with big comfy couches, tables, flat screen TV for viewing your flight’s photos and video afterwards, coffee, tea, bottled water and a variety of local snacks to keep everyone’s blood sugar up while you’re with us. You are also welcome to bring any food or snacks you want to have with you to the hangar. If you do bring your partner or the whole ohana with you, we recommend also bringing your beach stuff!

There’s a great swimming/snorkeling spot right outside the airport and also a nice switchback hike if any non-flyers want to get a little exercise in while the flyers are flying. The hike, called the Kealia Trail, can easily be done in hiking sandals or tennis shoes and the trailhead is just a 5 minute walk from our hangar. The trail offers gorgeous ocean and mountain views and gets prettier and prettier the higher you go. The top is about 900 feet above sea level. We hope this letter helps paint a picture of what your morning will be like with us here at Paradise Air. Of course we are happy to answer any questions you may have via email, phone call, text or through facebook. If you’ve already booked with us…. we are looking forward to meeting you and flying together! If you want to book with us or want to check availability, just ring up Denise at 808-497-6033 or you can make a reservation request online by clicking here.

Mahalo nui loa
~ Denise, Tom, Jeni, Brienne and Ipo (aka Team Paradise Air)

Perfect Safety Record

We’ve been doing this for a long time. Our aircraft maintenance not only meets but EXCEEDS the safety standards established by the FAA

A Lifetime Memory

Bring home jaw-dropping photos and/or a video keepsake of your flight with us! Serious social media bragging rights!

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We're looking forward to meeting you! Check out our welcome pack to get a feel for what it's like to fly with us