Covid-19 Policies & Updates

Ensuring our Team & Students (you) Stay Safe!

These rules and procedures should help keep everyone involved with Paradise Air safer.
They are exactly in line with the State of Hawaii’s mandatory procedures for businesses.
If you have any questions before your flight lesson, please call us! 808-497-6033

1) All out of State visitors must provide proof of a negative Covid-19 test was acquired within 3 days of their arrival in Hawaii. This is for anyone showing up at our hangar, flyers and non-flyer friends and family or provide an airline itinerary documenting that they arrived 14 days before their flight with us OR proof of full vaccination. Even though the State of Hawaii may not require proof of a negative test or vaccination. Paradise Air does require this.

2) Paradise Air will require masks to be worn in and around our hangar. Fully vaccinated people do not need to wear a mask in and outside of our hangar.

3) Paradise Air will provide sanitizer in our hangar

4) Paradise Air has implemented increased cleaning in our hangar and our equipment such as flight suits and headset & microphone muffs will not be used by multiple students without replacing the microphone muff and sanitizing the head sets.